Donald at the Bat – Day 406

Day 406

Republicans are in a quandary on gun control.

And that’s because their Congressmen sold their collective soul

For money and for votes controlled by guys like LaPierre.

So, when you hope they’ll show some backbone, it just isn’t there.


But Donald told them, not to worry; he will take the flack.

Who would you rather have than Donald covering your back?

Have courage, write, debate and pass, and then send Trump a bill.

He’ll sign it.  Presto!  It’s a law the NRA can’t kill.


Although Trump tried to blame Obama, he had no success.

The legislators know that they’re the ones who made this mess.

For they’re in thrall to money and the idol of the gun.

And now they’re facing students who yell, “Look at what you’ve done.!”


We’ve heard that Trump refers to Sessions as “Mr. Magoo,”

Insulting him for what he does and does not do.

Does Jeff think, “I will take the crap and then sit back to see…

“Impeachment pushing Donald out.  Who’s left behind?  Just me.”


And now there are some rumors that McMaster may bail out,

The Chief of National Security.  What’s that all about?

McMaster, three star general, a scholar, wrote a book.

He can’t work for bullshitters and especially, a crook.


Surprise announcement: tariffs on aluminum and steel.

They’re clearly aimed at China; we know everyone will feel

The rise in prices.  Donald wants to help keep steel jobs here

And punish China’s cheating. so today some workers cheer.


Vlad Putin just announced his new atomic policy,

New missiles to deliver bombs, a brand new strategy.

They can defeat all anti missile missiles that we shoot.

Will what Vlad Putin said make Donald want to follow suit?


And Jared, Jared, Jared, what the hell did you just do?

A half a billion bucks in loans from folks who met with you.

Have you used your White House position to pad your accounts?

You know that is a felony and there are several counts.