Donald at the Bat – Day 405

Day 405

Although the NRA opposes almost everything

Reducing gun availability because they cling

To guns as idols and gun owners pay their salaries,

Increasingly, society is moving toward a freeze.


First, better background checks should help prevent the total nuts

From buying guns.  That means there’d be no ifs or ands or buts.

All gun shows, stores, and private sales, poor folks to movie stars,

Would be checked and be registered, just like when buying cars.


Most murders are with handguns, though at most mass murder scenes,

It’s semi-automatic rifles and huge magazines.

So, banning these assault-style guns, (and that would mean buy-backs,)

Would tell our kids we give a damn and that we have their backs.


Dick’s Sporting Goods, a major gun retailer, said today

That they’ll stop selling AR 15s, though the NRA

May organize a boycott, Dick’s is big enough to stand

Up to a bully to decrease the death toll in our land.


Must companies (there are a lot) who do what Dick’s has done,

Now fear a boycott, even worse, or someone with a gun

Who’ll come into their store or business and shoot up the place?

The NRA has lots of nuts still in its power base.


Trump met with leaders of the Congress, talking gun-controls.

He emphasized the mental health approach, with no loopholes.

He also blamed Obama for no action in the past,

Although Republicans had stopped all bills from being passed.


Trump also emphasized that schools and teachers must shoot back.

Asserting that mass murderers would all fear to attack

If they knew they’d face armed resistance any place they went,

Forgetting most are also suicidal and hellbent.


White House Aides

Exactly what will happen to young Jared is unclear.

Without security approval, is dismissal near?

And has John Kelly now crossed Trump?  if so, what will that mean?

And, if it comes to push and shove, on whom will Donald lean?


Oy veh! for Jared Kushner.  After White House meetings, he

Received more than a hundred million, loaned on property

Where he needs big bucks so his enterprise can stay afloat.

Is Jared using his connections just to float his boat?


Hope Hicks announced she will resign.  She said she told “white lies,”

As part of duties in the White House.  Did that get a rise

Out of the Donald, since she said she lied because of him?

To try to fix what he had said so they’d not sink, but swim?


Did Hope show us she had the sense her seat was getting hot?

And since she isn’t thirty yet, she’d rather it was not?

Would further service be an anvil hanging from her waist?

Will she cooperate with Mueller?  Or is that bad taste?


And, what’s the definition of a “white lie” that she told?

Would others call them “whoppers?”  Did Bob Mueller just strike gold?

Will she now have to tell the truth that’s lying underneath?

Will that give Mueller one more dagger pulled out of its sheath?


Bob Mueller is now asking just what Donald knew and when.

Did Trump know which emails were hacked by Vladimir and then

Released to WikiLeaks for Trump to use as he saw fit?

If Trump knew all this sort of stuff, then he is in deep shit.


So Trump attacks Jeff Sessions, charging that he should protect

The President from Mueller, saying Bobby should be checked

And not permitted to go on.  But Sessions did not budge.

Perhaps he’s also growing tired of Donald’s whining grudge.