Donald at the Bat – Day 404

Day 404

Now Admiral Rogers, Intel Chief, told the House Intel group

The President did nothing on the Russian hacking coup.

“Done nothing?”  “No, not anything.”  Alarm bells should now ring.

The President has ordered nothing, not a single thing.


Poor Jared has lost clearance for security today.

It’s obvious he won’t be cleared, finances in the way.

So how will he be able to do what he’s tasked to do?

That’s more or less to run the world.  Will we bid him adieu?


His overseas financial ties mean he is compromised,

That he can be manipulated and no one’s surprised.

He lied on his disclosure forms on whom he met and when

And now we know who they all are.  They are a viper’s den.


And Hope Hicks stonewalled House Intel.  She just would not respond.

She said it’s inappropriate to tell how Donald conned

America in his transition or in the last year.

What does she know of Russia?  Well, she couldn’t be less clear.


The Trumps have said that all their profits from a foreign source

Have been donated to the U.S. Treasury.  Of course,

They will not say how much, from whom, or list precise amounts.

The answer to those questions is dependent on who counts.