Donald at the Bat – Day 403

Day 403

The most bizarre claim made today by “Bone Spurs” Trump was this:

If unarmed, he would still rush in, not fearing the abyss,

If he came on a shooting scene involving kids in school.

Does anyone believe this claim who’s not a drooling fool?


Such loose talk by the President is just par for the course.

The Wall that Mexico would pay for is the same, of course.

To “harden” schools, as Trump suggested, also not well-planned,

The teacher training, firearm purchase, with no weapons banned.


A CPAC hack said that the RNC should not have made

The “black guy,” Michael Steele, their chairman, because they were swayed

By the election of Obama in two thousand eight,

Although Steele’s twenty ten results were nothing short of great.


As a reward for winning Congress, Steele was shown the door.

Mysterious, since such a win is what the Chairman’s for.

When Michael Steele took umbrage, Matt Schlapp, now the CPAC chair,

Told Steele he ought to have more grace, take crap with savoir faire.


So, bow down to the NRA, take racist crap with “grace.”

Is this the new Trump GOP, that’s spitting in the face

Of gun control and blacks and browns?  How will that make us great?

Why must we tolerate a man who never plays it straight?


And lastly on Gates’ guilty plea, his role in the campaign

Diminishes each passing day.  The strategy is plain.

Like Papadopoulos and Flynn, Gates’ role was “pretty small.”

And, “no collusion, no collusion; there was none at all.”