Donald at the Bat – Day 402

Day 402

Perhaps the most disgusting thing today from NRA

Is denigrating Parkland students for what they all say.

The NRA says that they’re actors, that they’re insincere.

Teen eloquence implies a lie?  Teen truth is what they fear.


At CPAC, Devin Nunes got a big award today.

“Defending freedom,” for his memo, what it had to say.

Defending Trump, attacking DOJ and FBI,

For looking into Carter Page and could he be a spy?


Though Nunes didn’t read the FISA warrants as Schiff did,

And Nunes didn’t bother with the facts—no, God forbid.

And Democrats upset him with their memo citing facts

That he neglected.  That’s not fair, attacking what his lacks.


To call the Democrats unfair for citing actual facts,

Appealed to CPAC members, when you get down to brass tacks.

So Nunes is “Defender of the faith,” their shining knight,

For obfuscating facts and thereby turning wrong to right.