Donald at the Bat – Day 401

Day 401

Another year, another thirty thousand lives are gone.

The leaders of the NRA, informed of this, just yawn.

The mission of their leadership is just to sell more guns.

They do not care a fig for the lost lives of little ones.


It’s lives or guns: pick one.  The NRA’s choice is quite clear.

They gave Trump many millions, so we know which way he’ll steer.

Yes, arm our teachers, yet more guns, the problem solved, he’s sure.

For sore throats, add bacteria.  Now, there’s a novel cure.


You can’t get very good at things you don’t do every day.

And that applies to shooting, whether fighting or for play.

So, teachers with their pistols holding off AR Fifteens?

Those semi-automatic rifles with huge magazines?


Statistics are quite clear; they show that more guns mean more dead

For those who worship or sell guns, death is their daily bread.

They have faith in their idols but their penises stay small

And, when the world rejects them, some say, “I will kill them all.”



The Democrat’s response to the Nunes memo’s out.

Subject: what’s the FISA warrant on Carter Page about?

The Nunes memo said it was the Dossier they used.

The Democrats show that that’s not true, that Nunes was confused.


Or maybe not.  Is Nunes just a shill for Donald Trump?

He worked on the transition, just a bought-and-paid-for schlump.

The facts did not support Nunes.  Republicans all squirm.

It looks like Nunes’ mastery of facts was none too firm.


“When you’ve got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow.”

Thus Lyndon Johnson said; what he meant, not hard to swallow.

Do Mueller’s guilty pleas have Donald’s balls locked in a vise?

And that’s just money laundering; there’s paying girls for vice.