Donald at the Bat – Day 424

Day 424

A company called Cambridge Analytica surveyed

Our Facebook pages, studying how voters might be swayed.

For clicking profiles tell them how the voters really feel

And help them crafting campaign ads for maximum appeal.


Is this misuse of Facebook data?  Facebook tells us, “No,”

For Google also does the same thing, if you did not know.

They monitor our clicking profiles when we do research

And then send different people different lists for them to search.


The practice of the music streaming companies: the same.

They monitor your likes: dislikes, a really simple game.

They send you songs or pieces that they think are in your groove.

Eventually you only listen to sounds you approve.


And Cambridge Analytica was caught on video

Explaining to a foreign candidate the blow by blow

Of compromising other candidates with their fake news

On Facebook.  Folks who hired them, would be quite free to use.


We don’t know if the Trump campaign had used CA this way.

We do know Lewandowski talked to to them, I guess to weigh

The risks and benefits of using CA’s expertise

To stick skids under Hillary and coat them with some grease.


It’s equally disturbing to learn Facebook folks all knew

That Cambridge Analytica poached stuff on me and you.

At first Facebook denied it then told CA to delete.

Which CA said they would, but didn’t.  Once again, they cheat.


Trump gave a speech on opioids and told us how he’d deal

With our addiction problem and the death rate, all too real.

He’d execute drug pushers and, of course, he’d build his Wall.

But fentanyl, the problem, doesn’t come that way at all.


He said he’d emphasize prevention of addiction first.

So, fewer drugs prescribed ought to prevent the addict’s thirst.

But patients who are terminal and in a lot of pain

Should be exempted from such limits.  That much should be plain.


So, we shall see how all this goes.  Right now it’s all just talk,

And, once the lobbyists get loose, we’ll see what they can block.

Trump’s execution love affair will probably not pass.

To claim that this will solve our problem, is not true, alas.


Since things are going so well now, Trump will trust his instincts.

He doesn’t need adviser input.  Some of them are finks.

Since his opinion is the one that matters anyway,

Why ask someone whom you will be ignoring anyway?


And meanwhile, Donald Trump’s attorneys strive to limit his

In person interview with Mueller.  They don’t want a quiz.

Could it be just because they fear that Donald Trump will lie

And that their fear is justified because they know their guy?