Donald at the Bat – Day 425

Day 425

Two other bombs in Texas, two more students shot in school.

An armed guard killed the shooter in an old-time pistol duel.

So, here comes the debate again: a good guy with a gun

Or more restrictive gun controls, enforced on everyone?


The shooter had a pistol, not mass murderers’ first choice.

He had no AR 15, the mass murderers’ Rolls Royce.

And yet he shot two students (an improvement, to be fair.)

Will losing 2 to 1 be good enough for La Pierre?


The shooter shot two students, then was stopped.  Or did he stop?

Was this a murder-suicide, a “suicide by cop?”

We do not know the shooter’s goals before the guard shot him.

He shot two students.  Maybe he was only after them.


The Donald called Vlad Putin with congratulations for

His win in his “election” but, as many times before,

He raised no other issues: hacking, murder, by his “friend.”

Republicans do nothing.  Trump’s ass kissing will not end.


Congratulating Putin, to advisers deep chagrin

Has shown us that the Donald has ignored advice again.

It’s obvious that Trump is caught up in a Russian net.

It’s up to Mueller to dissect why Trump’s in Putin’s debt.


Now Trump is adding Joseph diGenova to his team.

His theories of conspiracy make diGenova seem

To be a right wing nut but, at this stage, that’s what Trump wants.

For it’s that kind of mind that Trump wants in his confidantes.


And oops, here comes another lady suing to be “bad”

And tell her story of the trysts that she and Donald had.

This one’s a Playboy Playmate.  She is easily a “ten.”

And Trump was married when the two had their affair back then.


The National Enquirer is the owner of her tale.

They didn’t publish it but dumped it in their garbage pail

Enquirer’s CEO is well-known to be Donald’s friend.

Ironically, his name is Pecker.  Do we see a trend?


So, pretty ladies, easy virtue, lots of money paid,

A standard pattern with the Donald, when he’s getting laid

Outside the bonds of marriage, which it seems he does a lot.

These are the contracts Donald pays and hopes he won’t be caught.