Donald at the Bat – Day 426

Day 426

The Donald likes to lay those “tens” then pay them not to tell.

The “Christians” give him mulligans, so he won’t go to hell.

So Trump keeps running up the score, more notches on his gun,

One hundred thirty K a pop: a lot to pay for fun.


Who is Trump hoping won’t find out he’s laying all these “tens?”

He’s taken pictures with them all—well-documented sins.

He brags, denys, then brags, denys, can’t keep his stories straight.

And we give him a pass on this since he will “make us great.”


But if, instead, he screws us, will he pay us not to tell?

Are we contractors he can cheat?  That story rings a bell.

Trump is unfaithful in his deals with almost everyone.

He covers up his faithlessness, is faithful just to one.


For Trump is faithful to Vlad Putin.  By now, we all know.

His every action, everything he tells us, clearly show

His faithfulness to Putin, such devotion rarely seen;

Trump bows as low to Putin as he would to king or queen.


What qualities does Putin have to justify such “love,”

A love Trump never had before, not even God above?

We know that Trump loves money; could it be as crass as that?

We don’t think these two boys are gay; so, what’s the tit for tat?


The Donald lets Vlad get away with most egregious crimes,

Election meddling, murder, two of Vlad’s well-known pastimes,

Invasion of the Ukraine, while he’s propping up Assad,

Just what does Putin have on Trump to leave him overawed?  


News media are questioning their sources every day,

Investigating everything, not least, “The Dossier.”

Such faithfulness by Donald, never seen by friends or foes—

The evil motivating Trump?  He fears Bob Mueller knows.