Donald at the Bat – Day 427

Day 427

Since Cambridge Analytica learned to manipulate

The uninformed we have to ask, “How can we vaccinate

“The public when a lot of them want to stay uninformed?”

Especially when we see how well the Trump campaign performed.


It’s been the stock in trade of politicians to mislead

But now they ca pinpoint their lies by aiming what we read

On social media to groups they know are predisposed

To buy whatever they may sell, no matter what’s proposed.


Facebook is in the depths of doo doo; data were misused

By Cambridge Analytica whom many have accused

Of poaching data, using it to target voting blocs.

Then they were hired by Donald Trump to help him herd his flocks.


Mark Zuckerberg apologized but what can Zucky do?

His business model, sharing data, means, as users grew,

Our demographics, likes, dislikes, and clicking patterns show

Exactly what all politicians really want to know.


The Congress will hold hearings to find out how folks were led.

But, Congress doesn’t understand the science, Cambridge said.

The politicians really want to know how they can win.

Should Congress regulate Facebook?  What’s their specific sin?


So, Russians, Facebook, Cambridge, WikiLeaks: what are the links?

Just who did what, with which, to whom?  Does Mueller think it stinks?

Republicans will drag their feet; the Democrats will scream

For all’s not fair in love and war, though that is Donald’s theme.   


Trump just announced new tariffs on some Chinese export goods.

Economists all told him that he’ll hurt the livelihoods

Of folks that voted for him, since our prices now will soar,

For China will retaliate when Xie gets good and sore.


Republicans are sick and scared.  Red states: a red alert.

If China targets Jim Beam, then Kentucky will get hurt.

And soybeans hurt Wisconsin farms: McConnell, Ryan smacked.

They wish that Trump had thought this through, not recklessly attacked.


The Dow today predictably lost almost three percent.

A possible trade war shows most investors would dissent

From Donald’s view that trade wars should not be too hard to win.

He doesn’t seem to understand the mess he got us in.


John Dowd, Trump’s lawyer for “the Russian thing” has just resigned.

He said he can’t control his client, all advice declined.

Trump says he wants to testify before Bob Mueller’s team.

And that makes Donald’s lawyers want to tear their hair and scream.


Trump thinks that he’s the best to tell his story: press or court.

He doesn’t seem to understand that facts are not his forte.

He’s been deposed hundreds of times but deposition lies,

Which we know Trump is wont to do, may lead to his demise.


The centipede just dropped another shoe; McMaster’s out.

John Bolton will take over.  Trump just took the Fox News route.

Joe DiGenova thinks in terms of foul conspiracy.

John Bolton is well known for hard line bellicosity.


Now Trump will do just what he wants; no one will tell him, “No.”

The problem is Trump doesn’t know which things he doesn’t know.

So, if he goes off half-cocked, like his tariff move today,

Without opposing views, Trump might become a runaway.