Donald at the Bat – Day 428

Day 428


Republicans of House Intel reported they conclude

The Trump Campaign and Russian hackers never did collude,

Though Democrats said Nunes ignored eighty one percent

Of Russian and Trump contacts (to protect  the President?)


Oops, we’ve learned the hacker known as Guccifer 2.0

Turns out to be a Russian army agent.  Problems grow

For Trump’s campaign and Roger Stone, who says he knew the guy.

Was this collusion?  Witting or unwitting—a black eye.


The budget bill was passed and had bipartisan support

Though Trump said he would sign, he now tweets that he might abort.

The DACA program is not solved (which Trump had let expire.)

The Wall not fully funded further fueled the Donald’s ire.


The lie that Mexico would pay, exposed for all to see

And Trump reneging on a deal is standard policy.

We’ll have to see if this is bluster or he’s serious.

Another government shutdown is downright perilous.


Well, it was bluster.  Trump announced he’d sign the budget deal.

His mood was quite belligerent and bordering on shrill.

He touted military spending, bitched about the wall,

Blamed Democrat resistance since he did not get it all.


Trump’s kakistocracy now threatens the whole world, in fact.

The odds are even North Korea might be soon attacked.

A trade war over tariffs brings a sense of gathering gloom;

Atomic war with North Korea, not just gloom, but doom.


In defiance of all logic Trump is gaining confidence.

Experience in office has shown his incompetence.

He‘s tired of his advisers who’ll say, “No, please don’t do that.”

He’s cleaning house so he can function as an autocrat.


It seems that Donald likes to fight, although he dodged the draft.

In light of that, for him to have “The Button” just seems daft.

If Kelly and if Mattis go, will anyone remain

To be a stabilizing force to spasms of Trump’s brain?


With Bolton and Pompeo, where’s the stabilizing force?

Will Trump’s advisers give advice or will they just endorse

Whatever impulse Trump expresses at whatever cost?

To some it looks right now as if all hope’s already lost.