Donald at the Bat – Day 429

Day 429

The march against gun violence has spread across the land.

Since these are our young people, it will not be their last stand.

Our Congressmen are counting votes implied by this turnout,

If all these young folks vote and if their fire does not burn out.


The President is playing golf, relaxing this weekend.

The NRA plans its defense of what it can’t defend.

Our Congressmen might lose their jobs if they don’t regulate

They all suspect they must take action, not just hibernate.


Democracy means people power; our citizens must vote.

And, if they do, our “leaders” will then follow and take note.

Today the NRA is hiding; they won’t disappear.

They’ll still intimidate and bribe when spokesmen reappear.


The students who rose up to march and speak were eloquent.

Newtown survivors, teens and “tweens,” rose up to complement

The high school kids from Florida.  They all spoke with one voice.

The right to life or right to guns—we have to make a choice.


When students were asked, “Now, what’s next?”  They all said, “We must vote.”

They know what moves the government.  They won’t sit back and gloat.

Although big money’s backing guns, it’s in the voting booth

That citizens can make our leaders recognize the truth.


Most likely we will have to change lawmakers everywhere;

All levels up to and including President must care

About our right to live and breathe more than to own a gun.

Priorities will have to change.  Well, has this change begun?


As usual the left wing has most show business on its side,

Though pro gun folks have country music.  This should not divide

The country into good and bad.  Let’s put an end to strife.

So, Broadway, Nashville, let’s link arms; the Bible says, “….choose life.” (1)

  1. Deuteronomy 30:19