Donald at the Bat – Day 430

Day 430

The Stormy Daniels interview was shown on CBS.

She said that she had sex with Trump, which he will  not confess.

She said she spanked him on the ass and used a magazine

That had his picture on the cover.  Donald liked that scene.


Then Donald told her she reminded him of his own girl.

Did that help stimulate him to give intercourse a whirl?

When he was taking mulligans, this time with a Playmate,

He said the same thing to this lady, then went on to mate.


About two dozen women, some of them with NDAs,

Have said that they had sex with Donald.  So, will this stuff faze

The Donald’s base supporters?  They gave him a pass, so far.

If he paid for abortions, would that dim the Donald’s star?


Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen paid a hundred thirty grand

To Stormy so she would keep quiet; basically  he planned

To help Trump win.  Did Mike do this and violate the law

On campaign contributions?  Yes. It’s not just a faux pas.