Donald at the Bat – Day 431

Day 431

Now Stormy dominates the news, her lawyer’s strategy.

Mike Cohen’s ass is in a sling, the pundits all agree.

His story simply makes no sense.  It just cannot be true

He paid her not to talk about what Donald did not do.


Her lawyer hopes to trap Trump into tweeting she’s a liar.

If he succeeds, then Trump will find himself in hell, afire.

He’ll face a defamation suit where he can be deposed

To answer questions under oath, and might get decomposed.


Could they file a class action suit?  How many NDAs

Are out there: dozens, hundreds?  For each time the Donald plays,

The ladies sign an NDA, designed to keep them still.

But we all know, though some don’t care, that Trump is worse than Bill.


And Stormy, in her interview, confirmed there was a threat.

Accosted in a parking lot, she left in a cold sweat.

She had her daughter with her, the man said, “Oh, what a shame,

“If something happened to her mother….”  That’s a scary claim.


More lawyers are now bailing out.  DiGenova is gone.

Corallo and Marc Kasowitz, who recently signed on—

Both quit before they started, like DiGenova has done.

Most lawyers will not work for him, instead they cut and run.


Since Trump won’t take advice, he lies, and he won’t pay his bills,

A client like the Donald gives a lawyer shaking chills.

So, Russia, Stormy, Kushner loans, and campaign laws conspire

To give attorneys nightmares, an impossible quagmire.


Our government is kicking out more Russian diplomats.

Seattle’s consulate will close.  That’s praised by Democrats.

We’re joining Europeans punishing the Russians, who

Had poisoned former spies in England.  Now, what will they do?


The Russians are not quavering.  They just asked us to choose

Which consulate in Russia they should close, so both sides lose.

So twenty (or more) nations are now kicking Russians out,

Though Trump himself said nothing, we’ve poked Putin in the snout.


Young Emma Gonzalez shakes right wing gun nuts to their core.

They photoshopped a video to make it show she tore

The Constitution right in two  But what she really ripped

Was an NRA poster.  When they saw that, gun nuts flipped.


What does it say of your position when you have to lie

Defending dying arguments that voters do not buy?

Why do the young back gun control? they want to stay alive.

They know that with our lax gun laws, there’s less chance they’ll survive.