Donald at the Bat – Day 432

Day 432

Today we learned that two more lawyers turned the Donald down.

Now, every day rejected by all lawyers of renown.

It also seems that he’s a target of Bob Mueller’s team.

Poor Donald is abandoned as Bob Mueller picks up steam.


The conduct of the President now dominates the news.

Not policies but his behavior, like the girls he screws.

So no one wants to work for him, defense or White House staff.

Trump’s White House is infectious and they might come down with Staph.


As Trump becomes more desperate, the Senate Democrats

Have asked  the DOJ, “Don’t act like spineless bureaucrats.

“If Trump should order Mueller’s firing, show respect for law,

“Don’t help obstructing justice which might be his fatal flaw.”


Trump’s nominee for CIA Director oversaw

A torture site in Thailand, which she knew broke the law.

But Trump’s still backing Gina Haspel for the agency,

Thus showing that he does not care about grand larceny.


Will Gina Haspel be confirmed; will Senators consent

To one who had ignored the law?  Will they make her repent?

Another problem is that she destroyed some evidence

Of tortures that she supervised.  She can’t claim innocence.


Well, when it rains, it pours.  Now Stormy’s lawyer says eight more

Of Donald’s paramours contacted him and also swore

That they had sex with Donald and two had signed NDAs.

So, day by day, Trump’s women add more fuel to the blaze.


Will this move evangelicals?  The survey tells us, “No.”

For they believe the mainstream is Fake News.  Deep down they know

That all of us are flawed, dependent on God’s saving grace.

Their own men do what Trump does.  That’s just life in Donald’s base.


The list of people Trump attacked has stretched from coast to coast.  

He will hit back when he is punched, the Donald’s standard boast.

Three people he has not attacked, McDougal, Stormy, Vlad.

That’s sex and money.  Something else? They both leave Trump unclad.