Donald at the Bat – Day 433

Day 433

The President is making an end run to fund his Wall.

It’s “national security” so Trump says he will call

The Secretary of Defense, so he can authorize

The use of military funds to make Trump’s project rise.


The Congress has to authorize reallocating funds,

To use the army’s money to pour concrete, not buy guns.

Unfortunately, we all know when Donald tries to fudge,

The Senate will not go along.  The Democrats won’t budge.


Well, they might budge a little bit if DACA were renewed.

They had that trade-off deal before, then Trump reneged, how rude.

But that’s Trump’s usual business style, not sticking to a deal.

If Stormy spanks him on the ass, might that bring Trump to heel?


The Trump campaign and Russian agents have been clearly seen

To work together (through Rick Gates) throughout 2016.

Rick Gates was Manafort’s assistant chair of the campaign.

The Russian guy was GRU.  Collusion is now plain.


The New York Times reports John Dowd discussed the pardoning

Of Michael Flynn before he flipped.  Did Dowd try hardening

The general’s position to protect the President?

Did Trump and Dowd discuss this first?  That would seem relevant.


Once more, with feeling

The Secretary of the VA, Shulkin just resigned.

Some shady travelling expenses put him in a bind.

By now, that’s pretty standard for Trump’s highest appointees.

We’ll see how Donald’s next man does.  Can he avoid the sleaze?


He’s Doctor Ronny Jackson; he’s the one who certified

That Donald’s health was excellent.  But is he qualified?

He’s never run a hospital or big bureaucracy.

So one might ask just what in Doctor Jackson did Trump see?