Donald at the Bat – Day 434

Day 434

The VA may be privatized; our veterans may choose

Their VA care or private care, which one they want to use.

Since private care is more expensive, premiums are high.

For those in need of chronic care, it costs too much to buy.


The VA’s critics all point out, “The system’s socialized.”

(Its costs are less than any private system realized.)

To lower costs the private systems just provide less care.

That reassures investors that the profits are still there.


Since private healthcare is for profit, money is the boss.

The healthcare they deliver is accounted as a “loss.”

Collecting premiums is good.  Providing care is bad.

Too often patients, ill-informed, discover they’ve been had.


It seems that most conservatives want the VA to fail,

Just like Obamacare, which they relentlessly assail.

They simply can’t admit some things work better socialized.

For profit is a jealous god that has them mesmerized.


Trump gave a speech and spared no words in trashing the VA.

He charged that “sadists” treated patients, to VA’s dismay.

The Donald is known for loose talk and “sadist” qualifies.

He likes to be dramatic, while not caring if he lies.


Most doctors do not understand what veterans may need.

Like other fields, experience would help them to succeed.

When PTSD complicates a host of other ills

You just can’t treat a patient with the standard list of pills.


And Congress has shortchanged the VA’s budget every year.

Their doctor shortage is disgraceful; they’ve asked, loud and clear,

For funds to do the job assigned, which privateers curtail

Year after year in hopes that they can make the VA fail.


The VA will do better if we try to make it so.

But Donald is not choosing to try that, as we all know.

The veterans’ groups oppose Trump’s plans to privatize VA

They know the VA cares for them, not profits every day.



The Russians, pissed that we are pissed, have said they will expel

Our  diplomats.  Since we expelled theirs, they’ll do ours as well.

The problem with such pissing contests: we do not converse.

That means that we are risking Vlad’s behavior might get worse.


Today’s the last day for Hope Hicks.  John Kelly also fades.

Engagement  now seems less and less in Donald’s escapades.

Will Kelly leave and unleash Trump, with ego in full swing?

Will Trump be his own chief of staff; will he run everything?