Donald at the Bat – Day 435

Day 435

The Russians flex their muscles, launching rockets just like Kim.

Vlad Putin takes his shirt off so we’ll stand in awe of him,

Expelling diplomats from thirty countries, not just us…

So, is this situation, a disaster or a fuss?


The Donald’s nose is out of joint for Putin’s rocket shot.

Though we’re applying sanctions, Trump has told his staff, “Do not…

“Discuss these sanctions.”  God forbid that Putin should get mad

At Donald for reacting , not just snoozing when Vlad’s bad.


Annexation of Crimea, then murdering ex spies,

And interfering with elections worldwide, on the rise,

Vlad Putin goes uncriticized by Donald, not one tweet.

So Vlad goes on his merry way; while we are in retreat.


Trump says he told Vlad Putin,  “…in an arms race, I would win.”

How bad are our world’s troubles, being led by these two men?

Vlad Putin is a murderer; Trump cheats on his contracts.

Did Putin think that Trump would cheat on pre-election pacts?


The EPA is rolling back the regs on car exhausts.

Scott Pruitt doesn’t care about environmental costs.

He must be bought off by the fossil fuel industry.    

At least, that’s how it seems if we review his history.


Scott Pruitt’s digs in Washington deserve a line or two.

His landlords are in natural gas.  Should we trust Scott’s virtue

On fossil fuel matters when they charge him such low rent?

At fifteen hundred bucks a month, his rent seems heaven sent.


Scott Pruitt, Carson, and deVos appear to be in place

To ruin their departments and these three are right on pace.

But Pruitt is the champion, the best/worst of the three.

How sick will the whole world be after Pruitt’s treachery?