Donald at the Bat – Days 436, 437, Easter weekend

Days 436, 437, Easter weekend

March seventeenth, the Irish celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day.

The swallows come to Capistrano on Saint Joseph’s Day.

The Vernal Equinox was on March twentieth this year.

So, have a Seder, go to church, or sing and drink some beer.


The Easter bunny, Easter eggs, and flowers in the spring,

The Resurrection of the Lord, the birds return to sing.

And, even back in ancient Rome, Ceres returned from hell.

The growth of grain and birth of lambs assured us all was well.


Besides birds tweeting, Trump is tweeting, mad at Amazon,

Jeff Bezos, and his Post, all which he pours his wrath upon.

Passover, Easter, Resurrection.  What’s the message? Life!

But not for Donald, he sticks with his standard mantra: strife!


While heading into church, the Donald tweeted DACA’s dead.

The Fox News view is rattling inside the Donald’s head.

He’s blaming Democrats and saying resurrection’s out.

Though, it is Easter and compassion’s what it’s all about.


The story of the Exodus is one of emigrants

But Trump has chosen Pesach to oppose our immigrants.

Will DACA children wander in a legal wilderness

Without a home here or abroad, with never ending stress?


The Donald has rejected several DACA deals, so far.

Though he may talk of trade-offs, he has set a moving bar.

A few deals were proposed, agreed, then Donald turned around.

Now no one knows if there’s a compromise that can be found.