Donald at the Bat – Day 438

Day 438

The Donald’s tweets on DACA are, as usual, misinformed.

To hear him tell it, you would think our border’s being stormed

By hordes of children coming now to get a DACA deal.

Trump heard the news on Fox, so should have known it wasn’t real.


You had to be here in the States eleven years ago,

To get a DACA deal.  That’s something Donald ought to know.

But facts don’t bother Donald when he pulls his tweeter out.

To Donald, facts and promises both taste like sauerkraut.


Trump keeps attacking Amazon, Jeff Bezos, and the Post,

For mailing merchandise and pointing out each errant boast.

Successful business, criticism, bigger billionaire,

Is something Donald cannot stand.  As usual, “It’s not fair.”


Before kids rolled their Easter eggs, Trump gave a homily

On something little kids all love, on the economy.

Since China’s hitting back on tariffs, our stock market fell.

It lost six hundred points today, trade war not going well.


Trump said that our economy’s the best it’s ever been.

Once more ignoring facts about the mess he got us in.

By now we should be used to this; when Trump says anything,

Assume the opposite or your ass will be in a sling.  


Indifference to or failure comprehending what is real

Turns every interaction with Trump into an ordeal.

There’s little chance he will improve; it isn’t in his genes.

One should get palpitations contemplating what this means.


For facts to Trump seem like a form of quantum theory.

Are photons waves or particles?  Well, it’s a quandary.

Our physicists can show us both, depending on the test.

And Schrodinger and Heisenberg explain the problem best.


But Donald’s views on fact or fiction use a simpler test.

Whatever he thinks at the moment, he gets off his chest.

So Donald’s word means nothing, not to him or anyone,

Facts and truth: no definition.  Trump must think lying’s fun.


Does Donald think what matters to his base is attitude?

That he’ll get by if what he says is simply mean and rude?

So he can help himself to profits and keep screwing tens?

His “fake news” rants mean facts don’t matter?  Attitude transcends.


To top it off, Trump has invited Putin as his guest

To visit at the white House, seems the Donald is obsessed

With making nice to Putin, so that Vlad will treat Trump well,

Assuring Donald’s master that his vassal won’t rebel?