Donald at the Bat – Day 439

Day 439   

The presidency is a bully pulpit Trump can use

To bump and thump and bully those who do not share his views.

Jeff Bezos. who owns Amazon, the Washington Post as well,

The latest with whom Trump is wroth and hopes to send to hell.


The Post details Trump’s high crimes and his misdemeanors, too

And sexual peccadillos, (out of hundreds?) just a few.

So Trump’s attacking Amazon to drive its stock price down

And teach us what will happen when we don’t bow to the crown.


To sell your stocks when Donald tweets shows mob psychology.

Trump understands this very well; that’s his philosophy.

Just say it often, say it loud, the sheep will form a herd

And follow where their shepherd leads, obeying every word.


Trump met three Baltic presidents today and afterward

The four had a press conference, from which the three inferred

That Donald thinks our Press tells lies and NATO countries cheat

And they should buy our natural gas, show Russia we’ll compete.


Five times Trump said that NATO countries should be paying more.

“No one is tougher on the Russians,” solemnly he swore.

He said that everyone was nodding, no one disagreed,

Although, when looking ‘round the room, one saw no one agreed.


Trump wants to use the military as a border guard.

So, in his zeal to build the Wall, he’s playing one more card.

The Democrats and Mexico and our weak laws are blamed

For drugs and crime and loss of jobs, at least that’s what Trump claimed.


If we use troops to guard our border, how will they do that?

Will army troops with M16s treat crossers like combat?

Will they shoot brown folks if they see them trying to come here?

Or will the army build the Wall that Donald holds so dear?


We’re pulling out of Syria, since we squashed ISIS flat.

(That leaves it to the Russians.  Has the Donald thought of that?)

Iran will still be there in strength, to threaten Israel.

We’ll move our embassy, then leave Israelis to catch hell.


And Mueller perks along, his first jail sentence handed out.

It’s Van der Zwaan, for lying, so if there was any doubt

That folks would go to jail, that question has been answered now.

Next, Mueller’s looking at collusion, Manafort?  Hoosegow?


Is Pruitt on the chopping block for ethics, slime, and sleaze?

The problem for the Donald is just what the public sees.

The ethics do not matter; just the optics bother Trump,

Who calls them like he sees them when he is the home plate ump.


Still, Scott’s destroying regulations like he did today.

He wiped out goals for fuel efficiency; they’re in the way

Of profits for our auto companies; forget the air

Clean air or profits?  Let’s just say, environment, beware.


Since Scott was nominated to destroy the EPA,

He’s doing what Trump wants him to, so it is hard to say

If Trump will fire him just because Scott Pruitt has been bought.

The odds are fifty-fifty; action on that bet is hot.