Donald at the Bat – Day 440

Day 440

There’s been another shooting; ‘twas a vegetarian,

A raging vegan…aren’t they all humanitarian?

She had a “beef” with YouTube, took a handgun, wounded three,

Then turned her pistol on herself and stopped her shooting spree.


If even vegans can flip out and go and get a gun

And there’s another senseless shooting when they are all done,

Then, shouldn’t we admit access to guns is what is wrong

And then ask why the NRA keeps singing its love song?


The Church, on Dr. King and Trump, has much to answer for…

For not supporting King enough, for Trump, it is a whore,

Rejecting “sacred” principles for words of God and guns,

No reproductive choice, and keeping out the Mexicans.


We kill messiahs, worship con men, principles be damned.

What is it in our faith that makes us easy to be scammed?

Denying science when “inerrant scripture” gets it wrong…

If comfortable denying facts, then you can sing along.


When we shot Doctor King just fifty years ago today,

We crucified one more messiah, who had dared to say

That we are not as free and brave as our song says we are.

And, if you ask our black and brown folks—we get no gold star.


The legacy of Dr. King, equality for all…

The legacy of Donald Trump, the symbol of a Wall.

The legacy of Dr. King is still a distant dream.

The dream of Donald Trump should make all decent people scream.


The  White House says Trump is rethinking tariff policy.

The Chinese targeted responses show the fallacy

Of Donald’s “easy” victory in his proposed trade war.

His base will suffer lots of pain in spite of what Trump swore.


And, Donald’s also taking back the Syria pullout.

Advisers warned him of the vacuum and of the fallout

From leaving Syria to Putin and troops from Iran.

Which Trump had not considered, which is normal for this man