Donald at the Bat – Day 441

Day 441

Bob Mueller told the Donald he’s a subject, not the worst

Of witness, subject, target.  They indict the targets first.

As long as Trump remains a subject, there’s no cause to fret.

He faces no indictment as a target, well, not yet.


We know that Donald Trump tends to be excitable.

As sitting President, he may not be indictable.

But he is still impeachable.  Will Mueller’s team’s report

Say he owes Russians lots of money, just like Manafort?


If so, that could explain why Trump keeps kissing Putin’s ass,

Why, even for a murder, Trump won’t give Vlad any sass.

We’ll have to see what happens if the Donald testifies.

His lawyers all quake in their boots since they know that Donald lies.


Trump shot himself right in the foot on Air Force One today,

Denied the Stormy story, the one hundred thirty K,

And thereby left his lawyer, Cohen, hanging out to dry.

If Trump knew nothing of the deal, it’s Cohen’s turn to cry.


What Cohen did behind Trump’s back, he can no longer hide.

If Trump is lying, Cohen may say so to save his hide.

He might lose his law license now.  Does his love go that far?

Trump won’t protect him if he should get sanctioned by the Bar.


So Cohen has a lawyer now, with his ass on the line,

Who said that everything that Cohen did was just a sign

Of loyalty to Trump, (which means the money that was paid

Was an illegal campaign contribution Cohen made.)


So, Michael Cohen and his lawyer both say, “Oy, veh!

“Why did we pay to Stormy that one hundred thirty K?

“Why did we ever work for Donald, covering his act?

“He doesn’t care a whit for us and that’s a simple fact.”


Scott Pruitt’s gross entanglements have tied him up in knots.

With Zinke and Mulvaney, as the Press connects the dots,

These guys, installed to wreck their agencies, have clearly shown

Their disrespect for law and ethics.  Will they now atone?


Scott Pruitt had once asked for lights and siren when he went

To eat at a French Restaurant, so he could circumvent

The evening traffic, though his staff told him that c’est outre’,

But since Scott’s wrecking EPA, Trump looks the other way.


And Donald is re-blustering about his tariff war.

Trump bet, the Chinese raised, Trump raised a hundred billion more.

In trade wars we all lose but Xie is President For Life.

And Trump needs re-election.  Who can better stand the strife?