Donald at the Bat – Day 442

Day 442

Since Donald keeps denying Stormy’s claim that she got laid

By Donald, what’s the point of all the money she was paid,

To buy her silence for the tryst he claims they never had?

Now, any way you look at it, the Donald’s looking bad.


He either screwed a porn star or he made a real bad deal.

A hundred thirty grand’s a lot for something that’s not real,

Like giving money to a church if you’re an atheist,

Donating to a group whose god, you claim, does not exist.


Now, as the Stormy Daniels’ case is dragging on and on,

We’ve learned that Michael Cohen is the fixer for the Don.

The mouthpiece and intimidator, Michael Cohen’s job…

And he’s kept very busy; his Don is a one-man mob.


It’s possible Trump did not know all Michael Cohen did,

For fixers have cleaned up his messes since he was a kid.

That  doesn’t let Mike off the hook; a client ought to know

What contracts he’s committed to, how they affect cash flow.


With Trump and Cohen looking bad and Stormy looking great,

He should have kept his pants on; even better, had no date.

For sleazy sex is Stormy’s field, while Trump’s an amateur.

When pros play with an amateur, bet on the pro, for sure.


Sex must be on the Donald’s mind; he’s gone back to the charge

That Mexicans are rapists, claiming aliens at large,

That should be kept in Mexico, have brought a huge crime wave,

That’s mostly due to liberals letting such men misbehave.


Trump says he’ll send the National Guard.  (Governors do that.)

He’d have to federalize the Guard and that will cause a spat

With every governor of border states who might object.

That might not be OK with some.  Do you think Donald checked?


The President is sticking with Scott Pruitt under siege.

For Donald Trump is confident Scott is his faithful liege,

Scott’s decimating EPA as he was hired to do.

So honesty and sleaze be hanged, Scott has the right world view.


The Market’s falling, down again some 2.5 percent.

Investors worry that a trade war is now imminent.

Trump’s spokesmen say all sorts of things, not sticking to one script.

The Chinese though, are unified.  Are Trump’s wings being clipped?


The Market is correcting, it’s exuberance misplaced.

Less regulation, fine but a loose cannon might lay waste

To the whole world’s economy, to deals once thought intact.

Since Donald’s unpredictable, exuberance has cracked.


McMaster’s last day was today.  He left as NSA.

John Bolton will take over Monday.  Here comes the Earth flambe’.  

Bomb North Korea; bomb Iran; John Bolton has advised.

The risk he’ll stoke Trump’s machismo should not be minimized.


And finally, today we sanctioned more big oligarchs

As worldwide criminals resembling big, white killer sharks.

But Trump did not announce the punishments, Mnuchin did.

Trump still won’t criticize Vlad Putin: Vlad’s quo, Donald’s quid?