Donald at the Bat – Days 433, 444

Days 443-444

Is Donald’s world collapsing, economic news confused?

Do legal problems with his sex life leave him feeling bruised?

He’s led a life of self-indulgence, all the world’s aware.

Are chickens coming home to roost?  Trump says it isn’t fair.


If you depend on cheating to get most of what you’ve got

And you’re investigated by those who cannot be bought,

You’ve got yourself into a game you don’t know how to play.

Wise governing is simply not a self-indulgent lay.


Though Stormy’s selling sex for money, Donald sold his soul.

The “Christians” who support him did the same.  What is their goal?

Though Trump will be gone someday, the disease he helped to spread,

Will go on incubating ‘til long after we are dead.


The pundits are processing Pruitt’s peccadillos now.

It seems he still has Trump’s support.  (Corruption? He’ll allow.)

John Kelly, Donald’s Chief of Staff, a different story, though.

It seems that Trump is tired of Kelly saying, “Donald, no!”


The bookies are now taking bets on who will be dumped first.

The cynics say it will be Kelly, though Scott is the worst

Of all Trump’s Secretaries for overt financial sleaze.

But sleaze is par for Donald’s course, so Scott may stand at ease.


The formula to understand why Pruitt is still there

Is rather simple; to be clear, the Donald does not care

About the ethics problem, just as long as Scott destroys

The EPA and regulations.  Ethics stuff? Just noise.


Trump Tower had a fire; the result is: one man is dead.

The cause, not yet determined but, thank God, it did not spread.

It was extinguished rapidly; the firemen got there fast.

The cause, I’m sure, will be reported in the next newscast.


Assad unleashed a chemical attack just yesterday.

The Russians let him do it.  Now will Donald make them pay?

Trump launched cruise missiles once before.  The bad guys did not stop.

So should he hit them once again, since Vlad won’t be a cop?


On MSNBC tonight, they showed Bob Mueller’s life.

To criminals, Bob Mueller is a well-honed hunting knife.

A decorated veteran, Bob Mueller has true grit.

With Robert Mueller, we can see that Trump is in deep shit.