Donald at the Bat – Day 445

Day 445

The gas attack in Syria caused the UN to meet.

The Russians said it did not happen, although Donald’s tweet

Placed blame on Russians and Iran, of course, Assad as well.

And speaking at the UN, Nicki Haley gave them hell.


While we’re discussing what to do, Israelis have attacked.

Their jets shot at some targets implicated in this act.

Iranian “advisers” at some targets have been killed.

And now the world is waiting to see: is Trump as strong-willed?


The New York Times reported that there’s been another raid,

This time it’s Michael Cohen’s office.  (He’s Trump’s legal aide.)

The FBI took lots of records: Trump and Stormy’s deal?

Might Cohen be charged with a crime?  If squeezed, might Cohen squeal?


It looks like Robert Mueller gave the New York feds a tip.

For they’re the ones who did the raid.  Then Donald lost his grip.

He pissed on Bob, Jeff Sessions, and Rod Rosenstein, to boot.

Assad had better watch his ass; Trump wants someone to shoot.


Is Donald Trump preparing us for Mueller to be fired,

Although it’s daunting to consider what would be required.

He’d have to fire Jeff Sessions (then replace poor Jeff with whom?)

And New York’s US Attorney before he dropped the boom.


And that’s obstructing justice.  Trump’s already in the soup.

When Donald fired James Comey, he told Mueller where to snoop.

Attorney-client privilege can’t be used to save Trump’s ass.

You can’t use it to cover crimes, so Trump won’t get a pass.


In Facebook’s charm offensive, Zuckerberg is on the Hill.

He’s talking to some senators, assessing their ill-will.

Can Facebook safeguard privacy that we all give away?

Is there a way to regulate Facebook’s public buffet?


We share all kinds of information.  That’s what Facebook’s for.

(To keep your data private, do not share it anymore.)

This is a treasure trove for sociology research

That politicians want.  (They have opponents to besmirch.)


If politicians make some laws protecting privacy

Of Facebook data they all know that they would want to see,

Since clicking patterns tell our politicians who we are,

They’d be the first to try to break in.  Polls are worse by far.


For pollsters know that their respondents lie to them a lot.

But Facebook clicking patterns tell the truth about just what

We’re really interested in, what we know and believe.

When we are posting on Facebook, our minds leak like a sieve.