Donald at the Bat – Day 446

Day 446

Did Donald finally blow a fuse?  Has Donald come unglued?

Is Trump the Emperor of old, a child told us was nude?

His “fixer’s” records have been seized.  What story will they tell?

Is now the time when we may ask, “For whom doth toll the bell?”


Bob Mueller showed his legal chops when he referred this case

To New York’s Southern District lawyers so that they could chase

The criminal behavior of Mike Cohen, maybe Trump,

And Donald senses in his soul, this is no small speed bump.


The “Russia thing” and Syria and Stormy on his plate,

The Donald surely has to wonder at this turn of fate.

He got away with so much for so long; he’s President.

But now the scandals plaguing him are without precedent.


The President asserts he can fire Mueller if he wants.

He has to rid himself of this foul incubus that haunts

His waking hours and sleeping hours and his cheeseburger time

And tweeting time and golfing time, reminding him of crime.


Homeland Security Advisor, Tom Bossert just quit,

Another of the capable said, “It is time to ‘git!’

Is this because John Bolton joined?  Well, we may never know.

But it’s consistent; most White House Staff think it’s time to go.


The captain’s getting desperate, leaks springing everywhere.

His Ship of State can’t stay afloat, as he is well aware

Of all the flaws: construction, crew, and captain—mostly him.

There’s mutiny with his survival prospects looking slim.


It does no good to fire the crew; one makes more enemies.

And Trump will need assistance on the coming Stormy seas.

It does no good denying all the corners that he cut,

Or problems that he caused himself because he likes to rut.


The President has tried to fire Bob Mueller twice before.

Both times he was talked off the ledge but some now think: no more.

If he fires Bob, we’ll think he’s guilty.  What will Congress do?

Obstructing justice would be clear.  Mitch? Paul? It’s up to you.


Trump also might fire Rosenstein, since Rod approved the raid.

Of course, he’s mad at Sessions, too, for judgements he has made.

Trump wants to fire somebody, will cruise missiles be enough?

Assad needs spanking but will Putin let Trump be that tough?


And so the would-be autocrat is circling the drain.

The ship and crew that he assembled couldn’t stand the strain.

He did not study navigation; now he’s hit the rocks.

Luckily his recreation did not give him the pox.


Perhaps one thing is promising.  The Chinese may have blinked.

A tariff war and North Korea possibly are linked.

When countries get in tariff wars, then everyone will lose.

Perhaps we’ll try discussions first, a wiser path to choose.


Today is Zuckerberg’s big day for Congressmen to prod,

To question, pry, and even maybe stomp on him roughshod.

Then, after he has testified, the pundits analyze.

Who got the best of whom?  Was Zuckerberg cut down to size?