Donald at the Bat – Day 447

Day 447  

Paul Ryan says he doesn’t want to be a “weekend dad.”

So, he will walk away from all the power that he had,

Won’t run for re-election.  He’ll put that career to bed,

Go home, relax, drink beer, and lead the life of a cheese-head.


Paul Ryan leaves a question: did he make a devil’s deal

In working with the President?  Paul clearly changed his spiel.

He always was for free trade and reducing deficits.

He gave up both of these outright—as politics permits.


He got his tax cut but the cost—the deficit ballooned.

And tariff wars are not free trade.  Was that a mortal wound?

So, is Paul Ryan’s record in a job he did not want

Accomplishment? Surrender?  No job for a dilletante.


It’s possible Paul Ryan was all hype and never real.

What he proposed on debt and deficit, just an ideal.

Since what he actualized was never what he advertised.

It was the opposite—-and his ideals were eulogized.


So, did Paul Ryan ever understand reality,

That people want largesse but do not want to pay the fee?

Republicans all celebrate their “facts and figures guy.”

What we got was a tax cut and debt reaching to the sky.


Scalice is not yet dancing but McCarthy danced a jig.

With Ryan gone they have a chance to hit it really big

As Speaker of the House, or if the Democrats should win,

Then leading the minority, the highest either’s been.


Meanwhile, the Donald, desperate to show us all his strength,

Again pulled out his Tweeter, demonstrating girth and length.

We will be shooting missiles that the Russians can’t shoot down

As they protect Assad, the monster, whose pants should turn brown.


And Trump is driven to distraction by Bob Mueller’s acts.

He’s claiming he has every right to give that man the axe.

He even talked to Dershowitz, defender of OJ,

Though we don’t know if Al’s for sale, Trump hopes he’ll save the day.


Now everybody’s weighing in, advising this and that.

“Fire Rosenstein,” says Bannon, once more picking up his bat.

But lawyers, near unanimous, say that they don’t approve

And Congressmen and Senators say, “That’s a stupid move.”