Donald at the Bat – Day 448

Day 448

Mark Zuckerberg has finished speaking at the Capitol.

And the consensus is that he increased his capital.

Our Congresspersons did not show they understood the game

And some disgraced themselves by mispronouncing his last name.


The Constitution mandates that the Congress passes laws.

Experience has taught us that this system has its flaws.

Technology moves quickly; Congresspersons can’t keep pace,

Especially those from a district with a bigot base.


Another problem: lobbyists, whose job is buying votes,

And they are quite successful, if you’re watching, taking notes.

Stupidity and ignorance and bribes are hard to beat.

So data based decisions often melt down in the heat.


James Comey’s book is coming out; those who have read it say

That Comey’s view is: how Trump operates, “is not okay.”

Trump lies about most everything and does not understand

Procedures in the government, he thinks he should command.


James Comey’s book is said to be quite damning in detail.

When he and Trump had meetings, Comey took notes without fail.

The book is not based on recalling these year-old events

But notes that he wrote at the time, now used as evidence.


James Comey’s book is warts and all because he does reveal

His thinking and his actions in the Clinton email deal.

Recall that Trump had used these as the reason Jim was fired

‘Til Trump said it’s the “Russia Thing” in which Jim found Trump mired.


So, Comey’s book is chapter, verse of an obstruction case.

Collusion: maybe, maybe not, but Mueller has a mace

To smash the Donald’s armor, for obstruction is a crime

That merits Trump’s impeachment: chapter, verse, and even rhyme.


And, adding to the Donald’s woes, Mike Cohen may have tapes

Of conversations that they had on covering Trump’s scrapes.

If Trump and Cohen were discussing their plans for a crime,

Then privilege does not apply; they’ll both be doing time.