Donald at the Bat – Day 449

Day 449

Perhaps the most disturbing story Comey tells is when

Trump and his team were briefed on Russian interference in

The 2016 Campaign, then nobody seemed concerned

Or seemed surprised to hear what they supposedly just learned.


Nobody asked a question about how to curb the threat.

In fact, the only problem that made anybody fret

Was how to spin the information so no one would think

The Russians changed a vote or Trump and Russia had a link.


Complete lack of concern for interference from outside,

A problem that no patriotic person should abide.

And Trump has still done nothing, nothing on this problem yet.

The Russians helped him and Trump knew and he is in their debt.


We’ve subsequently learned that Trump has just one point of view.

In any situation, what Trump will decide to do

Is based on what is best for him and for his family.

To think about the country would be an anomaly.


So it is absolutely no surprise the Tweeter struck

With personal attacks, name calling: wounded mind amok.

Then Sarah Sanders waded in with much more of the same.

Can any reputation survive such a sleazy game?


Who is the bigger “slime bag?”  As more evidence comes out,

The lawyers, judges, Congress, public will be left without

Much doubt that Trump is not trustworthy.  Then will Congress act?

Impeachment is the remedy.  Not now; the deck is stacked.


Trump has minority support, so far unwavering.

And, no one really knows what facts might start them quavering.

So we’re in for more playground tantrums, calling names, and tweets—

We have not reached the endgame yet, still filling out fact sheets.