Donald at the Bat – Day 450

Day 450

Our missile strike in Syria destroyed a big complex

That’s sort of like the Pentagon, which certainly should vex

Bashar Assad, the Russians, the Iranians, all three.

The message we delivered: Bashar, give up chemistry.


We knocked out lots of chemical research facilities,

Left Syria’s Air Force intact, no soldier’s casualties,

No russian or Iranian encampments have been struck.

Did we inform armed personnel when it was time to duck?


It’s OK if they shoot their folks, dismember them with bombs,

And flatten cities, as they’ve done in Hama and in Homs.

But sarin gas and chlorine gas have been against the rules.

A dying victim’s skin is burnt, he gasps for breath, and drools.


The Pentagon and President have claimed complete success.

While, at the UN, Russia has expressed its deep distress

At what they claim is our completely unprovoked attack.

They claim there was no gas attack; Trump should not blow his stack.


Will we bring peace to Syria?  Our surveys tell us, “No.”

The Russians and Iranians remain, as we all know.

There’s still the Sunni-Shiite conflict, that’s the larger war,

And both sides clearly show us that they want to fight some more.


And, after all the posturing, our message still remains:

Assad can murder all he wants as long as he refrains

From using gas and sticks to bullets and to barrel bombs,

The legal way to slaughter babies, children, dads and moms.


We have no long-term strategy, no plan to end the fight.

This region has had constant war since Sumer learned to write.

That was five thousand years ago: religion, water, land,

And Israel is there, of course, that pesky Jewish band.


Back in Washington

The raid on Michael Cohen may have ended the prologue

Of Mueller’s work, for now we know that Cohen went to Prague

In 2016, where he met with Russians—to collude?

If true, Bob found the smoking gun and Mueller can conclude.


It makes most sense for Trump to send Mike Cohen on this job.

He was Trump’s trusted fixer, both with women and the mob.

Trump did not know George Papadopoulos and Flynn as well,

So, it’s natural to send Cohen, to make collusion gel.