Donald at the Bat – Day 451

Day 451

El Tweeto woke up, thumbs on fire to fill the tweetosphere.

He typed five more on Comey’s work and showed us all his fear.

He fears what Comey says and writes, the principles he’s for.

If we believe what Comey says, Trump won’t serve anymore.


Since Donald’s base is not astute, he has no need for fact.

He’s shown for years, no matter what, that they will buy his act.

So he can throw a tantrum, call Jim junior high school names,

And they will hoot and lap it up, just like at football games.


Bob Mueller’s noose is tightening.  Should Michael Cohen flip,

It’s almost certain what he says will sink the Donald’s ship.

Mike Cohen said he’d take a bullet; meaning suicide?  

But if Bob Mueller pulls the trigger, might Mike step aside?