Donald at the Bat – Day 452

Day 452

The Comey interview with Stephanopoulos last night

Showed us a thoughtful, careful man who tried to do what’s right,

Acknowledging he may have made mistakes along the way,

And probably not changing minds with what he had to say.


His handling of the Clinton emails, viewed in retrospect,

Has certainly provided him a cause to introspect,

Go public or keep quiet on the findings?  To be crude—

No matter what he did, his colleagues told him, “Jim, you’re screwed.”


The Democrats said Comey’s timing gave the win to Trump.

Then Trump, requiring loyalty, kicked Comey in the rump.

And Comey, in his book, calls Donald morally unfit

To be the President.  So Donald threw a tweeting fit.


Now Comey’s book is coming out; Bob Mueller’s pressing on;

Mike Cohen is now wrapped up by the Federal python.

Mike will appear in court today.  He’s hoping to suppress

The evidence the Feds have seized.   He’ll fail, the pundits guess.


Today both Trump’s and Cohen’s lawyers went to court to get

The evidence the Feds got from Mike Cohen and to vet

Material before the Feds looked at it, to assert

Attorney-client privilege: so Trump will not be hurt.


So who are Cohen’s clients?  Michael’s lawyers mentioned three:

There’s Trump and Broidy and—wait for it—there’s Sean Hannity!

Then, Sean, who was exposed, denied Mike worked for him at all.

Was that why he’d supported Mike?  What’s the next shoe to fall?


We all know that Sean Hannity is Donald’s biggest fan.

No matter what Trump says or does, he knows Sean is his man.

And now we find that Sean may be enmeshed in Trump’s affairs.

Conflicts of interest at Fox News?  The likelihood just glares.


The judge denied the motion to suppress the evidence.

The Feds may now review it all, the dollars and the cents

That Cohen paid: to whom, for what, to cover up whose crimes?

If Mike himself committed crimes, he’s in for some hard times.


The sanctions on the Russians, Nikki Haley said they’d add,

For aiding Assad’s gas attacks, perhaps won’t be so bad.

For Trump now says he doesn’t want to poke the Russian Bear.

Did Putin call Trump to complain more sanctions were not fair?


Assad went back to bombing but wasn’t using gas.

His bombs were all conventional but still killed folks en masse.

What “mission” was “accomplished?”  The victims are as dead.

Assad is still in power.  What’s our strategy ahead?