Donald at the Bat – Day 453

Day 453

The lack of strategy in Syria provokes the Press

To ask, why leave it to Iran and Russia, leaving us to guess

The Middle East is not a place where Trump wants to be tough.

If Trump builds our new embassy, will that be good enough?


Iran wants to rebuild the Persian Empire once again

And Putin wants a port in Syria, so he moved in.

If Erdogan would like to see the Ottomans return,

Does Trump think Jared is enough to keep them taciturn?


With no new sanctions on the Russians, Trump’s nose is still brown.

While Putin does as he may please, Trump does not even frown.

The shortest odds are Trump owes money…..“Pee Tape,” longer odds.

Whatever Putin wants to do, the President just nods.


So now the Feds are going through the Michael Cohen stash.

What is in there that Trump and Hannity want in the trash?

The bookie line on Trump is Cohen really went to Prague

And met with Russians.  Hannity? Some sort of moral bog?


Overheard on one of our bugs in the Russian Embassy

Pinkel, pinkel, Donald Trump,

You must know we saw you hump

While you frolicked in the nude.

You must know that you are screwed.

Pinkel, pinkel, Donald Trump,

Putin snapped his fingers…..Jump!


Back in the White House

Publicity that Comey gets just drives the Donald nuts.

If Comey wrote in Yiddish, he’d call Donald Trump a putz.

Anatomists all think of where the sigmoid colon bends

And most continue further south to where the rectum ends.


Our ethicists are throwing fits and some may go insane.

For Trump cannot be tolerated by the moral brain.

And women who gave Trump their votes so Clinton would not win,

Now know he only wants to screw them—–if they are a ten.


Fox News has said they still support their man, Sean Hannity.

Relationship with Cohen?  Lack of objectivity?

Since Sean is not a newsman but right-wing polemicist,

Why would someone expect he would be an objectivist?


Add Sean to Sarah Sanders as a Trump apologist.

And Fox is comfortable with that.  Sean’s not a journalist.

The “fair and balanced” motto may now need to be revised,

So viewers will not be surprised by what is televised.