Donald at the Bat – Day 454

Day 454

The President sent Mike Pompeo to meet Kim Jong Un.

His purpose was: arrange in person meetings, May or June.

Our goal is North and South Korea, finally at peace.

And this means Kim’s atomic program also has to cease.


To Kim, peace mostly means the US must pack up and leave.

Of course, he could invade the South; that’s what we all believe.

Without us there, we think that victory would go to him.

Then North and South would be at “peace,” united under Kim.


And Kim would be “Dear Leader.”  Kiss democracy goodbye.

He’d make atomic bombs again that terrorists could buy,

Destabilize the Middle East by backing up Iran.

That’s not to mention all the nervous people in Japan.


So, with such different goals, can any talks with Kim succeed?

Both Trump and Kim would want to dominate; they have a need.

At least they would be talking.  Peace has to begin somewhere.

The problem is: they won’t agree on what each thinks is fair.