Donald at the Bat – Day 455

Day 455

Pompeo may not be confirmed.  He seems too bellicose

To lead the State Department and the vote looks very close.

Rand Paul has said that he’ll vote, “No,” and John McCain’s not there,

Which leaves McConnell one vote short but Rand Paul doesn’t care.


If Trump puts one more warlike Secretary on his team,

That just leaves Mad Dog Mattis to keep Donald on the beam.

He’ll want surprise attacks on Kim, though Mattis says, “Hold back.”

With Bolton and Pompeo cheering, Trump might still attack.


And what will Kim do in return?  He will attack the South.

He won’t just sit there and let Donald punch him in the mouth.

Conventional warheads may leave a million people dead

And, literally in minutes, a scenario to dread.


With Donald wimping out on Russian sanctions this last week,

He has to stir up something so we won’t think he is weak.

Because that makes the public wonder what Vlad has on him,

The prospects that Trump will be rational are looking dim.


Trump showed how scatterbrained he is with this new sanctions row.

When Haley said Trump would announce them, he blew up, and how.

So he sent Larry Kudlow out to say she was confused.

But Nikki said she wasn’t, would not let herself be used.


Mike Cohen’s legal problems are now piling high and deep.

His appetite is failing and he cannot get to sleep.

He dropped a BuzzFeed lawsuit charging he had been defamed.

Is Michael in a panic, seeing where Bob’s guns are aimed?


Now Rudy Giuliani will wield sword and shield for Trump,

Hired to defend the man who used to treat him like a chump.

For Rudy hoped to be Attorney General but, no—

Trump gave it to Jeff Sessions.  Now can Rudy make Jeff go?


Since Rudy’s ego is so huge, how will it work with Trump’s?

Will both get knocked out of alignment by these two speed bumps?

Now Rudy claims negotiation in just a fortnight

Will end the “Russia thing.”  If not, will Trump tell him, “Good night?”