Donald at the Bat – Day 456

Day 456

Commemorating Columbine, our students have walked out.

The issue is gun safety; all our Congress does is pout.

Trump tweets about James Comey, more than bothered by his book.

We’re sure he hasn’t read it but he still seems mighty shook.


From Columbine to Parkland and through all the deaths between,

Our Congress has done nothing; they are such a sorry scene.

The NRA must have their brains and gonads in its jaws.

Why else are they not passing sensible, gun safety laws?


As Donald adds more lawyers, I am sorry to be blunt:

They know he cheats contractors, did they ask for pay up front?

Will Donald follow their advice?  How soon must they resign?

How long can they keep working when their honor’s on the line?


The DNC has filed a suit about the last campaign.

The Russians, Trump Campaign, and WikiLeaks will feel the pain.

The suit just basically assumes collusion did take place.

Discovery means depositions that might prove the case.


So that’s another front on Donald’s current four-front war

With Mueller, Stormy, Cohen, Comey, lots of blood and gore.

Both criminal and civil cases smite him, hip and thigh.  

Progressives say, “It could not happen to a nicer guy.”


Though Rudy says he’ll end the “Russian Thing” in just two weeks,

Smart money says it will go on and we will see more leaks.

The Cohen raid is probably Trump’s biggest problem now

And nothing will end quickly, neither here nor in Moscow.


The commentators wonder why Republicans have released

The Comey memos they pried out of Justice.  They increased

The likelihood folks will believe when Comey testified

About his talks with Donald Trump and how the Donald lied.


A strange claim that the Donald made was something Putin said

About “his” gorgeous prostitutes.  Was it all in Trump’s head

Had Trump talked to Putin?  He said they didn’t, then they did—

Then Putin said they didn’t.  Why prostitutes, God forbid.?