Donald at the Bat – Day 457

Day 457

The twentieth of April is now marijuana day.

We’re celebrating getting high throughout the USA.

Another drug for recreation to use and abuse,

We’re adding marijuana to tobacco and to booze.


Would we be better or worse off by legalizing pot?

Chuck Shumer says, “Let’s do it.”  Jeff Sessions says, “Let’s not.”

If you research Jeff Sessions, here are words of his to heed.

“The KKK was fine with me, ‘til I learned they smoked weed.”


Jeff Sessions said, “I’m joking,” his career says otherwise.

He’s not supported civil rights in any form or guise.

The AG stopped enforcing civil rights laws on the books.

To keep the black folks in their place?  That’s sort of how it looks.


Another dark thought enters in when we recall this date,

The birthdate of a man who sent six million to their fate.

For, on the twentieth of April, 1889,

The birth of Adolf Hitler made some question God’s design.  


We just laid Barbara Bush to rest; she died at 92.

Beloved by her country, husband, family, adieu.

She was the wife of 41, mother of 43,

(That’s Presidents George I and II, her life made history.)


The Clintons and Obamas were there; Donald stayed away.

The Bushes did not want him there; he would have  ruined the day.

The service was uplifting; love with humor, not lament.

From all who spoke to send her off, respect was evident.


All eulogists expressed their thankfulness for Barbara’s life.

A model all should emulate: “enforcer,” mother, wife.

We all should hope we’re missed as much, when it’s our time to go.

Let her life be a lesson: hope you’re missed—though you won’t know.


Melania attended; Donald pulled his tweeter out

Between his drives and putts, his tweeting almost seemed to shout

His anger at suggestions Michael Cohen might soon “flip.”

One gets the feeling we are watching Donald lose his grip.


Just yesterday, Kim told us he’s suspending rocket tests.

He said his goals have been achieved; it’s not from our protests.

But this might be a forward step, though he’s said this before.

We have to watch him closely, since we know that Kim’s hard core.


So now, if Trump and Kim should meet, they might achieve results.

They’ll have to change their tones from trading their schoolyard insults.

De-nuclearization is the goal; the prospects, dim.

To Kim it means that we get out; to Trump it means just Kim.