Donald at the Bat – Days 396-397

Days 396-397

And now the Donald’s telling us that he has never said

The Russians did not interfere, but his words have been spread

All over TV for three years and we know that he did.

But, “Never mind,” says Donald.  He’s as slippery as a squid.


So next he’s charging that Obama should have been the one

To sanction Russia if they did what “Fake News” says they’ve done.

Of course, Obama did and that’s why Trump told Michael Flynn

To tell the Russians, if Trump won, he’d take them back again.


That is what Flynn told Mueller and it’s what he lied about.

And now he’s headed for the pokey.  Trump keeps sowing doubt.

“Here’s what I said.  No, I did not.”  He hasn’t done a thing

To punish Russia, blaming Obama’s mismanaging.


Surprise, surprise, another lady has been paid a pile.

This time a Playboy playmate, who had spent a little while

In sexual intercourse with Donald after Stormy did.

How many more will get in line, who serviced Donald’s id?


But we’re not through, one more indictment out of Mueller’s shop.

A lawyer in the Manafort case, latest shoe to drop.

This time it is for lying.  What else?  Well, Ukrainians

And Manafort.  And Russians.  Trump?  It’s not the Mexicans.


Today Ms. Sanders came out where she finally met the Press.

She had been absent for a week.  Was it just too much stress?

From guns to Russian, Trump tweet storms, poor Sarah did her best

But Sarah’s not a dancer.  For it seems she lacks the zest.


So—Russia, “Donald never said…”  Guns?  “He’s studying.”

“You misinterpreted his tweets,” and Kushner?  “No big thing.”

Since most of what she said was clearly contrary to fact

And no one bought a thing she said, she left before she cracked.


Though Russian “bots” are pushing guns, yet Trump still won’t condemn

The Russians for their interference.  (It benefited him.)

Bob has indicted nineteen folks.  They all have played their parts

In one huge campaign scam that smells of Beef Stroganoff farts.