Day 398

Nobody needs AR fifteens.  But children need to grow.

Assault style weapons just mean death and kids six feet below.

So nuts buy guns and children die.  We’ll see that again.

It’s not just nuts; it’s mostly guns.  Will we let gun nuts win?


The Legislature of the State of Florida last night

All met to vote they would not vote on guns and that’s in spite

Of students pleading and demanding laws to save their lives.

It’s like debating gun control gives them a case of hives.


and now some right-wing spokesmen say the vocal kids are paid.

They’re actors stirred up by the left, so we are being played.

They can’t believe that teenagers can be articulate.

They even criticize the kids for being passionate.


And here’s the nagging fact that ought to make right wingers think.

The Russian “bots” are on their side.  So, doesn’t something stink?

The Russians know that guns destabilize society.

So they push to maintain firearm availability.


The White House

The listening meeting of the President might help; we’ll see.

He heard a lot of people comment on our lunacy.

When Trump said his piece afterward, he mentioned an armed guard

And better background checks.  But fewer guns is just too hard.


Trump challenged Sessions to investigate Obama for

Not punishing the Russians since Barack was there before

The Donald was elected.  Why are people on his case?

Although Trump’s doing nothing, “Blame the black guy,” will save face.  


We have proven beyond doubt that we are incompetent

To safely manage the Second Amendment’s clear intent,

Incompetence that costs us thirty thousand deaths a year

And only members of the NRA stand up to cheer.


About three hundred million guns have spread throughout the land

It’s like a Stage Four cancer; even if we take a stand

This vile disease may keep on killing.  Are we too far gone?

We are, if we just let the spread of guns go on and on.


It’s crystal clear: more guns, more deaths.  That’s what they’re made to do.

If you own one, then you’re not safe but deeper in doo doo.

Societies, world over, are much safer than we are.

No secret: fewer guns makes them all safer, and by far.