Donald at the Bat – Day 399

Day 399

Wayne la Pierre, Vice President of our proud NRA,

Addressed CPAC, big right-wing donors, and he made their day,

Attacking Democrats, the liberal Press, and FBI.

If we’re not safe, they take the blame, not guns (which we should buy.)


And, we should “harden” all our schools.  Trump listened and he heard.

When he spoke at the White House, Donald had mouthed every word.

So, give the teachers guns to shoot back and stop an assault.

If teachers cannot get their guns, then it’s the left-wing’s fault.


So la Pierre has done his job; he buttered up the right.

As they refill his coffers, he can go on spreading blight.

And, he will work with Russians, (something that he did not say,)

But they are on the same side in America today.