Donald at the Bat – Day 400

Day 400

The Donald spoke to CPAC in his usual campaign style.

He rambled over topics; poor, dark immigrants are vile.

The Market’s up and jobs are up and we must build a wall.

And, if we gave our teachers guns, school murder rates would fall.


The Democrats will raise our taxes, take away our guns.

We won’t be able to protect our daughters and our sons.

Four hundred days of Donald Trump have shown the way to go.

Things are the best they’ve ever been; he thought we’d like to know.


CPACers give Republicans an awful lot of dough.

They want to get their country back, as pure and white as snow,

Cut social programs, Medicaid, to trim the deficit,

Rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, just don’t pay for it.


Trump just left out the Russia Thing from his remarks today.

Could it be that he recognizes soon he’ll have to pay?

For Gates is pleading guilty to a huge financial fraud.

If he turns on Paul Manafort, who’s next in Bob’s truth squad?


Rick Gates has now pled guilty and signed he’ll cooperate.

Assistant campaign chairman for Trump could excoriate

The Donald’s case of “No Collusion,” since Rick made a deal.

He’ll tell Bob Mueller everything.  The deal says he must squeal.