Donald at the Bat- Days 389-395

Guns, again

A shooter at a high school, an American disease,

This time a school in Florida, will Congress stay at ease?

The total victims still unknown, the shooter still at large

But we can stay serene and calm.  The NRA’s in charge.


Ironically, gun sales have dropped and Remington’s bankrupt.

Since Donald Trump has been elected, this change has been abrupt.

No longer fearing that black man, Trump sets our minds at ease.

Eighteen school shootings just this year: we’ve still got the disease.


We have accepted this as normal, just reality.

We’ll look at social media, check for insanity.

Is it the shooter’s mental health or could it be our own?

Our gun laws are just crazy; they’re the blighted seeds we’ve sown.


Trump’s leadership on guns is non-existent, no surprise.

It’s like his leadership on Russia.  Facts bypass his eyes.

We cannot trust Trump’s judgement for he will not understand

An issue that won’t make him money or enhance his brand.


Trump paid a lot of money to buy silence from a whore.

The NRA buys silence so Republicans ignore

The 30,000 deaths a year gun policies permit.

Republicans and porn stars: are they different?  Not one bit.


The usual dodge of Congress’ whores is: now is not the time,

Too soon to speak of gun control, when still numb from this crime.

Las Vegas and the Texas church are now far in the past.

But Congress discussed nothing; not a single bill was passed.


Now there’s discussion in the public pushing gun reform.

The question is—the NRA: will it ride out the storm?

For, magically, the Russian “bots,” in spite of this death toll,

Have flooded social media against all gun control.


Why would these Russian “bots,” who stumped for Trump in his campaign,

Be firmly on the side of death?  Is not their motive plain?

Disruption of democracy in our society,

With Trump one goal, now add in guns.  Does Vlad control D.C.?


Paul Ryan read the script and said: right now is not the time

To have discussions about guns and this specific crime.

We need more information.  (No we don’t.  We have it now.)

If Paul stalls like he’s done before, he’ll ride this out, somehow.


The Russia Thing

Bob Mueller just indicted thirteen Russian agents for

Election interference in a novel cyber war.

They found unwitting helpers; three of them in Trump’s campaign,

To work for Trump, opposing Clinton; evidence is plain.


Establishing the Russian interference does one thing.

The “Russia Thing” is not a hoax.  Whose ass is in a sling?

Well, so far, it’s not Donald Trump, but he should not take heart.

“Unwitting,s” not a compliment and says they did take part.


And, right away, Trump tweeted out reaction and defense.

He said it showed there’s “no collusion.”  But that’s pure nonsense.

Involvement of Trump, not addressed; the trap is not yet sprung.

And, paraphrasing Groucho Marx: “But sir, the evening’s young.”


Two people that unwittingly pushed Russian posts out there,

Were Kelly Anne and Donald Junior.  That should put a scare

In everyone in Trump’s campaign that Bob might want to see.

Just how “unwitting” were they?  Valid question—you agree?


And now will Trump direct the FBI and CIA

To punish Russia for their crimes and start without delay?

And how about imposing sanctions?  Congress passed the bill

Which Trump has signed but then did nothing.  This is not a drill.


Since 2014, Russians tried to actively disrupt

Our election process to see that Hillary got “whupped.”

And then good fortune smiled on them when Trump got in the race,

The kind of guy that they could use, someone they could embrace.


So what did Russians see in Trump?  They knew his character.

Perhaps he owed them lots of dough and therefore would defer

Or, dare we say, “collude” with them, attacking Hillary,

To make sure that she lost and then disrupt Democracy.


And now, with Bob’s indictment of the Russians, we have seen

The Trump campaign “unwittingly” serve us Russian cuisine.

Now Mueller will seek “witting” help.  Smart money says he’ll find

Examples throughout Trump’s campaign.  That’s how he is inclined.



The Donald sent out fourteen tweets since Mueller made some news

And every one was self-defense, most pundits say—a ruse.

Deflecting from the “Russia Thing,” as well as gun control.

He’s blaming everybody else and says he has no role.


Now, is the Donald melting down?  This morning, true to form,

We woke up to the news that he unleashed a huge Tweet storm.

Not like the storm god, Thor, who would bring thunder and bring rain.

No, Donald just dropped tweets of blame.  All he did was complain.


The Donald even pissed on Oprah.  Oprah! for Christ’s sake!

He’s never blamed Vlad Putin and that really takes the cake.

Trump says to Vlad, “It’s everybody else but me and thee.”

So, what does Putin have on Trump, to buy such loyalty?