Thoughts and Prayers


Paul Ryan gave the usual dodge: right now is not the time

To have discussions about guns and this specific crime.

We need more information. (No we don’t; we have it now.)

if Paul stalls like he’s done before, he’ll ride this out somehow.




Our thoughts and prayers are for you,

Each time someone gets shot.

We know statistics bore you

But thoughts and prayer do not.

So we’ll ignore the science

Because we have been bought.

And we’ll just stand in silence,

Each time someone gets shot.


Out thoughts and prayers are for you,

Though automatic fire

May rip and tear and gore you.

It’s legal to acquire.

We’ll all pray for our nation.

The situations’s dire.

Expect no legislation

On automatic fire.


“Well regulated,” the Second Amendment spells out.

Means legislation, not just thoughts and prayers; there’s no doubt.

But we’ll do nothing. We’ve made an idol of the gun,

To which we bow down and give lives that have just begun.


Our thoughts and prayers are for you.

You know the NRA

And government adore you.

Too bad you could not stay.

Too bad that you were fodder

For some gun nut today.

So we’ll say an ‘Our Father.”

Let’s bow our heads and pray.


©Stephen Baird, MD

Santa Fe, NM

February 16, 2018