Donald at the Bat – Days 387, 388

Days 387, 388

Should Donald be Grand Marshall?  Would a tall reviewing stand

Display him better to the crowd, or should he lead a band?

In His huge Veterans’ Day Parade, with soldiers, missiles, tanks,

To show the world our might and let us give the Donald thanks.


But, if the crowds don’t clap and cheer—Grand Marshall?  Maybe not.

(Though they’ve been warned it’s treason not to clap and cheer a lot.)

Perhaps Drum Major’s also out, one more of Donald’s faults:

He doesn’t know a Joplin rag from Sousa march or waltz.


With Trump on the reviewing stand; the soldiers will salute.

But Trump should stand up there alone; so give Mad Dog the boot.

Since Mattis was a four star, those salutes might be for Jim.

If Kelly’s still Trump’s Chief of Staff, salutes might be for him.


With wife abuse depleting Donald’s staff, he’s fighting back.

He takes the side of the accused in this type of attack.

Himself, O’Reilly, Porter, Ailes, Moore, Sorensen denied

All allegations.  Add them up.  Hundreds of women lied?


Police reports and photographs and tens of millions paid

Don’t make these women credible?  How many were afraid

Of losing jobs as retribution if they would complain?

Trump says these men get no “due process,” their lives down the drain.


There’s no “due process” for these poor, male sexual predators?

If we believe the victims, that’s unfair to ravagers?

Controlling jobs with money, lawyers—unfair, can’t you see?

Could Donald be back on the hook, though he thought he was free?


The Sunday Morning pundit panels variously opined

About Trump’s treatment of wife beaters, saying they’re maligned.

Republican apologists all pivot to recall

The escapades of Clinton, which is basically a stall.


Not one of them has argued that Rob Porter’s innocent.

They understand the mission on which all of them were sent.

They are not there to tell the truth, instead to obfuscate

And blunt whatever factual points might threaten Donald’s fate.


They don’t deny the women groped and screwed; we must be fair.

They simply say Trump’s base and right wing preachers do not care.

For they gave Trump a mulligan.  (They are good sycophants.)

What will they say the next time Donald Trump unzips his pants?


How many rats and people will leave Donald’s sinking ship?

It looks like it’s a lifeboat drill and loss of comradeship.

The people on Trump’s starting team were often second  rate.

What will his second string be like?  Must Donald abdicate?


A last word on the Russian meddling from Rex Tillerson.

Acknowledging it happened, Rex said not much can be done.

Since Trump proposes nothing  and Rex lacks the expertise  

He said, “Bend over, spread your cheeks, hope Putin uses grease.”


But we have geeks as good as any you find anywhere.

Who knows what they’d accomplish?  But the Donald doesn’t care.

And, in the meantime, there is something simple we can do.

It’s back to paper methods; bid computer rolls adieu.