Donald at the Bat – Day 386

Day 386

Is General Kelly a great man or has he feet of clay?

The Porter flap has people asking, “Should John Kelly stay?”

He knew Rob beat his wives for months, did nothing about that.

So, did he use the Roy Moore dodge—Rob’s not a Democrat?


John lied about a Congresswoman, who’s black, by the way,

Insulted Dreamers, called them lazy, just the other day.

So, tolerating wife abuse, plus lying, bigotry,

If Trump had been a better ump, he would have called, “Strike three!”


And Trump defended Porter, who has said he’s innocent.

Both Trump and Moore said that themselves, as if denials meant

Someone was really innocent.  Trump needs us to believe

Denials simply trump the truth.  Are we all that naive?


Trump said he’d get the very “best.”  What’s that word mean to him?

Well, mostly rich or powerful.  He always picks from them.

But, as we watch Trump’s “best” go by, they do have feet of clay.  

Neither smart nor competent.  How’d they get rich, anyway?


Back to the budget.  Overnight, the government shut down

Then opened up again.  By now, that’s normal in this town.

The Congress passed a budget, so the deficit will rise.

Obama’s not the President, so this is no surprise.


The cynics are all questioning the right wing’s motives now.

What can we say of deficits they used to disavow?

When Democrats are President, the Right hates deficits.

But now, Trump’s in the White House; only Rand Paul’s throwing fits.


So, have Republicans transformed and made themselves anew?

The budget and morality ignored; does that seem new?

A better explanation might just be hypocrisy.

Their principle: get into power.  There’s no discrepancy.  


We’ve heard the Donald doesn’t read intelligence reports.

We’ve watched him reading, stumbling, so what puts him out of sorts?

It might be mild dyslexia, his vision, laziness.

But, if he does not stay informed, we should feel some distress.


Now Rachel Brand, the number three at Justice, will step down.

She would move up if Rosenstein were fired.  Then would Trump frown

And say, “Now honey, fire Bob Mueller, or I’ll fire you too.?”

So, is she leaving so the Donald cannot screw her too?


Publicity is bad for Donald Trump and his White House.

The Porter flap shows they don’t care if someone beats his spouse.

But, when the Press finds out and tells the public all the facts,

They have to take some action.  Will John Kelly get the axe?


Trump said he won’t declassify the Democrats’ response

To Nunes’ FISA warrant memo.  Donald says he wants

To make sure what is in it doesn’t compromise our spies.

But he did none of that with Nunes.  Again, that’s no surprise.


The Democrats might show the Nunes memo was a fraud,

Not just the “Dossier,” that showed that Carter Page was flawed.

That wipes out Donald’s reason for discharging Rosenstein

And, since that’s what Trump wants, he’ll keep the Democrats in line.