Donald at the Bat – Day 385

Day 385

The budget deal of Mitch and Chuck pumps up the Pentagon.

So Donald tweeted his support, his reservations—gone.

Tea Party types and some Progressives still say they object.

It’s either too much spending or the DACA kids’ neglect.


Tea Party types don’t want to spend on anything at all.

If they’re not also bigots, then that also means the Wall.

The tax cut makes our deficit one trillion (with a “T.”)

And now we have to wait for its effect on you and me.


Obama pushed the markets high and unemployment low.

And, that’s continued under Trump but he’d like us to know,

He did it all himself, which is the Donald’s standard claim.

But when the next recession comes, he will not take the blame.


Right wingers vote for tax cuts partly just to “starve the beast.”

By “beast,” they mean the government.  They want its size decreased.

They don’t think it should help the poor and maybe not the rich.

It’s everybody for himself, though life can be a bitch.


This budget deal goes right on spending.  Decreased revenue

Just means the deficit goes up.  Then, what will Donald do?

If interest rates start going up, (the pundits say they will,)

Then the economy will slow.  For Trump, a bitter pill.


We did not need a tax cut now; just ask John Maynard Keynes.

The markets and employment figures: both were showing gains.

Keynes recommended cutting taxes and a deficit

To stimulate when in recession but this wasn’t it.


What motivated Donald’s tax cut?  Was it simply greed?

A likely explanation.  Otherwise there was no need.

You might recall that Donald Trump goes bankrupt all the time.

And now he’ll take the country there, his standard paradigm.


Oh, shit!  The Dow Jones dropped another thousand points today.

Will companies start taking all those bonuses away?

The deficit demands the government must borrow more.

The pundits say that interest rates must rise.  Then, what’s in store?


With money hard to borrow, the effect is: business slows.

Trump’s promised growth won’t happen; unemployment once more grows,

Tax revenues will go down more; the deficit will rise,

Trump’s core supporters lose their jobs.  And, what about rich guys?


Will Putin give himself an “A” for putting Donald in?

Have we been handicapped enough?  Can we heal up again?

Will Vlad grow tired of Donald?  Has he mucked things up enough?

Does Vlad have Donald by the balls, or pictures in the buff?


Republicans can’t seem to govern.  What, oh what to do?

The government is shutting down, with great further ado.

The second time in just two weeks, because no one agrees.

And that’s among Republicans, their own worst enemies.