Donald at the Bat – Day 384

Day 384

As Donald Trump stomps on the floor, not breathing, turning blue,

He’s threatening one more shutdown, told Congress, “Hey, screw you!’

He has to have his Wall, he says; he has to have assent.

If he does not get what he wants, nobody gets a cent.


He also told the Pentagon, he wants a big parade

And maybe at the end of it, he’ll have Chuck Schumer flayed

And then burn Nancy at the stake in Inquisition style.

For Donald is our Fuhrer.  Neither one of them said. “Heil!”


The soldiers will not goose step, as they do for Kim Jong Un,

As long as there are thousands marching to a Sousa tune.

He liked the big parade the French gave “for him,” Bastille Day.

(They would have had it anyway; a major holiday.)


Then General Mattis said, “Here’s what Trump really wants to do….

“Explore ways we can honor troops”…unlikely to be true.

No, Donald wants a show of force like Moscow on May Day,

With him on the reviewing stand.  Bone spurs?  He’ll stand OK.


With tanks and guns and mobile missiles, give us more respect?

Will showing off our might and power make Trump stand erect?

From Trump’s inauguration, tens of millions went unspent.

So, there are funds for Trump’s parade.  Would Donald Trump consent?


Rob Porter, secretary to the White House staff, resigned,

Accused of past spousal abuse, denials undermined

By pictures: black eyes, bruises.  When did Trump and Kelly know?

For quite a while.  Did they both say, “That’s how things sometimes go?

It makes one think they just don’t care if someone beats his wife

Or other men are sexual predators.  That’s part of life.

Considering Trump’s sexual peccadillos in the past,

It’s not surprising candidates like Porter would be passed.


The Russia Thing

Rex Tillerson announced the Russians are still meddling

In our election process, while we don’t do anything.

Trump’s had a year in office, both to study and to act.

And pundits still are asking, “Why, oh why won’t he react?”


Republicans, so far, are standing with the President.

Do nothing, ‘til you lose, now seems to be their clear intent.

In choosing self or country, most of them have chosen self.

And left their sense of honor behind Playboys on the shelf.


The Senate has a budget deal: no DACA and no Wall.

Both Mitch and Chuck say those come later.  That’s for the long haul.

But in the House, Pelosi says, “Let’s vote on DACA now!”

And Donald wants his Wall but both were left out, anyhow.