Donald at the Bat – Day 383

Day 383

Trump’s lawyers tell him to avoid a Mueller interview.

They know their client, know that he’ll say things that are not true.

They do not know what Mueller knows but they have confidence

That Trump will lie to Mueller; every day is evidence.


They don’t know if Trump lied to them;  it’s safe to think he did,

For that’s his modus operandi since he was a kid.

They don’t know what it’s safe to say, what Trump should “not recall.”

So, when Bob asks them for a date, it’s safer just to stall.


The next tool in Bob Mueller’s chest: he has subpoena power.

That means grand jury testimony.  Big, black storm clouds lower.

No lawyer in the room with Trump (his own worst enemy.)

And we know, lying to grand juries is a felony.


So, if Trump is subpoenaed, their next tactic: go to court

To argue that it should be quashed.  If they do not abort,

Appeal to the Supremes like Nixon, forty years ago.

The Court told Dick, “Give up the tapes.”  Then Congress told Dick, “Go!”


Defy the Court?  And, if he does, would that make his base proud?

The next time that he gives a speech, will they applaud as loud?

Will Ryan and the House say finally they’ve had enough?

The law or loyalty to Trump?  So far, that choice is tough.


Might Donald Trump then “take the Fifth?”  If he did would his base

Stick with him as they’ve done before?  There’s no way to save face.

To “take the Fifth” means there’s a crime you don’t want to admit.

So all the options Donald faces look and smell like shit.


Now Donald Trump has tripled down.  He says, if there’s no Wall,

He favors government shutdown.  Can he make liberals crawl

To him to get a DACA deal, not Trump’s priority?

Brown people or a border Wall?  Trump says, “Security!”


And finally, the Dow Jones drop, which was Obama’s fault.

When stocks go down, who gets the blame?  Obama, by default.

Barack’s recovery was slow, so interest rates were low

But interest rates must rise sometime.  That fear makes rallies slow.


The market more than doubled when Barack was President.

In one year under Trump, it’s up by twenty five percent.

Obama’s upward slope has just continued this last year.

But any day the market drops?  Obama’s fault, it’s clear.


Today there was a “really smart” and “genius” rhapsody.

The SpaceX “BFR” was launched and that’s a “BFD.” (1)

They launched a rocket that could take our astronauts to Mars.

The moon, then the red planet, then we’ll reach out to the stars.


An immigrant from Africa, that’s Elon Musk, a Jew,

Whose company today showed what “Americans” can do.

Of course, Musk can speak English and, of course, most Jews are white.

So, maybe Donald Trump will think what Musk did is alright.


  1. “BFD,” a pre-Trumpian, crude expression.  “BFR,” substitute “rocket” for “deal.”