Donald at the Bat – Day 382

Day 382

Now, how will the Donald handle Democrat’s rebuttal to

The Nunes memo, which the Democrats say is untrue?

Obstructing allowing it’s release may be the same.

The only difference likely is two different kinds of blame.


If Trump allows release, the Nunes fraud will be exposed.

The help Trump thought he got will be completely decomposed.

And, if he blocks release, we’ll ask, “What does he need to hide?”

What Devin Nunes started, either way, may get Trump fried.


Republicans experience their hemorrhoids flaring up,

The price they pay for drinking from the Donald’s Kool aid cup.

Supporting his attacks on DOJ and FBI

Means “law and order” is an old friend they just kissed goodbye.


The Donald gave a speech today about his tax rebate.

His crowd was in Ohio and he’s still their candidate.

Trump spoke of last week’s speech, when Democrats chose not to clap.

Trump thought that might be treason.  Treason?  That’s a thunderclap.


The House Intel Committee, with rare unanimity

Just voted they would set the Democratic memo free.

So now Trump must decide if it should be unclassified.

Just like the Nunes memo, which is roundly criticized.


This Thursday we go broke again.  Was any progress made

On DACA and our border?  No.  Agreement is delayed.

Trump says no deal on DACA without money for his Wall.

The Wall and DACA: really?  Could there be no deal at all?


And, topping off the day, the Market lost a thousand points.

That wiped out the whole year’s gains, which really disappoints

The Donald and his fiscal wizards, who had claimed its rise

Was all due to their leadership, so competent and wise.